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The Galapagos Trail Adventures GTA, based in Puerto Ayora -Santa Cruz Island - Galapagos, offer you a magical way to discover the Galapagos islands with native people ´ colonos´ known as island-hopping tours. We customized Galapagos tour itineraries, you can choose the sights and activities most suited to your interests. 

 Tour Specialists the Island hopping in the Galapagos Islands, also known as Land-Based tours, is the other way to enjoy these beautiful islands if you are not on a big boat. Cruises used to be the only way to visit the archipelago, but now travelers can take their excursions island to island using one of them as a main base, also accommodation is in hotels on the islands, eating at local restaurants, exploring the local sights and communities at your own pace.

During the trip, in some activities, speedboats or ¨ lanchas rápidas¨ will take you to explore this natural paradise.

Our custom Galapagos tour itineraries include amazing snorkeling, swimming, hiking, sea kayaking, and explore remote isolated beaches full of fearless Galapagos wildlife. Other activities, including  SCUBA  DIVING TOURS, may be available as well, just ask us. 

The  objective of Galapagos Trail  is treating our travelers coming from all over the world like family, showing you our favorite places, with exclusive access to your Galapagos Naturalist Guide who will provide you with a wealth of information and personalized attention for the duration of your trip, also with our passion and knowledge, ensuring that you have the unique experience of life in our amazing, beautiful and magical Galapagos Islands.

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That depends, it's possible to get a trip with less than two months before departure.  It's possible, not advisable.  If you want a specific date, especially over the holidays or summer months, it is best to book as far in advance as possible as these dates start filling 5 months to 1 year before departure.


The Galapagos Island


According to historians, the Galapagos Islands were probably first discovered by the Incas in the 1400s.  Despite their refined culture, industrious nature, architectural knowledge, and craftsmanly skills, the Incas did not have a written language; documentation is therefore lacking.

In terms of recorded history, the Galapagos were officially and accidentally discovered in1535 by the Bishop of Panama, Fray Tomas de Berlanga. This was at the time of the Spanish conquest of South America, and word had gotten back to King Charles V of Spain that his conquistadors were, to be kind, overzealous in their behavior. .